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Say goodbye to scheduling nightmares

With Resilient Vitality, scheduling and intake could never be easier. Resilient Vitality can create and manage a living calendar for your practice that support the many different types of events you may have. From sessions and meetings to seminars and research, coordinating with others will never be easier.


Make scheduling public so patients can make their own appointments. Save yourself from making phone calls or emails as reminders - we'll do that automatically..


if you work with other people, coordinate the best times to with Resilient Vitality. We setting a meeting, you can automatically compare the open times of each person in the meeting to find a time that works.

Your Business

Billing is tough. We can help with that.

It takes a lot of skill to run your own business. You need to know a little bit of everything to succeed. With Resilient Vitality, we want you to spend as little time as possible maintaining those extra skills and give you more time to work with patients. Resilient Vitality provides a simple solution for billing and insurance. We provide integration with accounting platforms to make it as simple as possible to get your accounting done automatically.


Journaling, Homework, and Mindfulness Activities

We provide apps for your patients to automatically connect with them throughout the day.


Patients can automatically journal their moods and emotions throughout the day to get an accurate and complete journal of your patients state of mind.


Mindfulness and Mediation is often helpful for people to cope with and understand their thoughts and feelings. Resilient Vitality gives your patients access to those helpful tools.